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Monday, April 12, 2010

Os Waffles

A fan:

My friend Jorin is in town for a few days. I have been in a band with Jorin since the early 1990's (I think) called Os Waffles. Os Waffles started when I used to babysit Jorin when he was about 10 years old and I was about 16-17. He had an old acoustic guitar in his room and I would entertain him by writing songs together--later we would use an old radio shack tape deck to record these songs, and I still have some of the tapes. After we both moved away from East Lansing we would visit each other periodically and write more songs--some of which later became early Monolators songs (Radio's On, In My Dreams, Spandex Hitman) and Cobra Lilies songs (Lonesome Kitty Cat On The Range).

Despite existing for approximately 20 years Os Waffles has never actually played a live show, except that we will tonight at Sean Carnage's. Monolators play third, but Os Waffles will play a (very) brief set at the beginning of the night--9:45 sharp. This may be the one and only Os Waffles show, so please do come early.

Some Os Waffles mp3 magic:

Girls In My Town
In My Dreams
Kitchen Dance Party
Everyone Knows The Devil
Pee Pee
Like A Lightbulb

Os Waffles was not my first band, but it was the first one for which I ever wrote songs, and some of these are definitely my first attempts to (co-)write music. They are all pretty embarrassing/awesome little snapshots of time, some have aged better than others, but there you have it.

Another fan:


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