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Monday, March 29, 2010

new monolators and cobra lilies recordings

I have not been out much recently because we are hard at work recording new records for both monolators and cobra lilies. The monolators material was originally intended for a split 7" that may or may not come to fruition--if it doesn't, we're shooting to put out the songs on a new digital EP by the end of April. These recordings contain some interesting experiments with synthesizers (rather than pianos or organs) which are a bit new for us and we're quite excited about that!

The Cobra Lilies material is also for a new 4-song ep. We're slowly trying to catch up with our catalog of songs that we've got piling up, not an easy feat when we release records at the rate of 4 songs per year. We are trying to step up production a bit in that department.

Some shows coming up: Monolators play Sean Carnage on April 12. Cobra Lilies play Silverlake Lounge with Pizza! and So Many Wizards on April 19, and we're playing the Armory Family Art Festival in Pasadena on April 24. Should be sweet. More news as it comes.


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