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Monday, February 01, 2010


I am in a park in Louisiana when I see a large hawk/eagle (although in the dream it's identified as "a falcon") flying around in the sky, being attacked by a swarm of large fuzzy green wasps. The wasps eat off all of the falcon's feathers and it falls to the ground in a puddle. It looks dead. A small kid runs it over with his bike with training wheels. After picking up the falcon and squeezing the water out of it (like working an old-fashioned pump handle, which would have been, what? Its leg?) it turns out not to be dead after all, so I take it home.

The falcon likes to hang out in my basement (I do not have a basement outside of my dream) and watch television while its feathers grow back. Once its feathers do grow back, it turns out to be more of a bald eagle, except with the head of a dog, rather than a bird. So, a black-and-white dog-headed eagle-falcon.

Later I catch it going through the neighbor's trash cans. I tell it that it has to take a bath in the kitchen sink, and it says "Aw MAN!"

End of dream.

YOUR TASK: Illustrations please.


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