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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Zeros

Ha--just found this clip, I was at this show the week before last with Ray (it was his birthday) and the Maxwell Demon boys. What this video doesn't show, unfortunately, is that there were about 300 people crammed into the Redwood, which can't really hold that many. At punk shows I usually try to get out of the way once the moshing starts, but this time it was so crammed with people that there was NO WAY TO GET OUT. Bodies were packed in right on top of another and once the shoving started (from all directions) people were only being held upright by the people next to them. At one point I almost fell over and grabbed onto a punk rocker to stay upright, which I feel bad about. Lots of interesting people in the audience, some kids, some people who I imagine were at the Zeros shows 30 years ago. Great show.

Zeros circa 1977. I was not at this one, unfortunately.


At 10:52 AM, Blogger Anita K. Marto said...

That once happened to me at a Clash concert Mary. I had to be pulled out and rescued. Terrifying!


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