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Monday, July 13, 2009


I do covet things. I do. I am weak, they are beautiful. I would bask in their glory. I would snatch a few diamond shards of their physical grace, a tiny share of perfection that I more than lack myself. I would rub the shards all over my body and leave my lifeblood, gladly. I who have nothing. I. I--I cannot stand this. I am burning with fever. The flames take me. Judge me not, children of men! Judge me not.

Fortunately my good friend Poverty keeps me from blowing 5 grand on a pair of goddamn shoes. But ANYWAY:

Had one been cruising about eBay circa April of 2008 one could have bid on these 1948 John Lobb handmade (I believe the term is "bespoke") boot/spat things. The starting bid? A trifling $4,995.00. But still. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Or, after cursing one's self for missing the boat on those, temper thy despair via a gentleman named Perry Ercolino, who will gladly make you a custom pair of these succulent "Nairobi" boots for a nothing, a mere nothing: $3,850.00.

Herm├Ęs "Piccadilly" boots, these here. Don't know how much they cost--more than my pants, less than a giraffe, I'd guess. Look at the box and weep, citizen. Look. At. That. Box:


Shifting abruptly to musical instruments: I have enough guitars. I don't have a semi-racist handmade jazz banjo, though. The circa 1927 Ludwig "Big Chief" tenor banjo, my dearest darling cupcakes. Sold new for $450, which, adjusted for inflation, works out to $5,500 in 2009 money.

There. Shoes and banjos. Don't think I am done.


At 12:25 AM, Blogger David Nett said...

I'm uncertain how that banjo is only semi-racist. Is that because the Indian Chief isn't crying when it is thrust in his face?

The shoes are amazing.


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