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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Echoplex tonight; and Red Lamb via Kissing Cousins

Tonight is the night for our first Echoplex show, in support of the Handsome Furs--and we're extremely excited.

What you might not know is that our dear dear friends Kissing Cousins just released Pillar Of Salt, their first full-length cd on Velvet Blue Records, and apart from the fact that I'm very excited that one of our favorite Los Angeles bands have a new record out, I'm also very pleased to note that it contains...a Monolators cover! Really! The first to be issued official-like on a cd and a label and everything! This makes us very happy. The Cousins deliver "Red Lamb" like the Shangri-La's might if they had the world's biggest fuzzbox. The first time I heard a rough mix I cried. With joy, not pain. You might be interested to read this little interview about the record with Cousins lead singer Heather here.

Kissing Cousins has an official release show for Pillar Of Salt this Sunday at 10pm at Silver Factory Studios downtown; our sister band Cobra Lilies are playing! You should come! We'll be there!


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