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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Live At Mr. T's

Last night Cobra Lilies threw down the gauntlet at Mr. T's, and then someone picked up the gauntlet and ate it and then they threw up the gauntlet. So I'd avoid the gauntlet right now if I were you.

It was kind of chaotic, but there is video. WARNING: I cannot get these stickam videos to play right now. Maybe it's my browser, dunno. Tell me if they work for you:

Be sure to go to LA Underground's stickam page and look at the other videos for the night--Trick Tracy and Featherbeard were amazing.

One thing that I regret is that the comments from the stickam chat room that were posted while we played do not appear to be archived, since they entirely consisted of outraged, misspelled expressions of hatred and fury. Mostly they were directed at me (as in "tell the annoying guy to shut up") and wished various forms of violence upon us...I wish I could remember them all...I think another was "they need not reproduce." It was SWEET.


At 7:09 AM, Blogger JAX said...

hahahaha amazing


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