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Monday, February 20, 2006

Shirley Rolls

Last week I talked about Raymond Richards and his fantastic studio, Red Rockets Glare, where we recorded our new album (for the most part). I neglected, however, to show what he looks like, which is this:

Although I am rather partial to this picture, myself.

The other thing I wanted to talk about today is the band that opened the night this past Saturday at the Cocaine in Little Tokyo. At the moment it's a band of one person named Tom Bogdon, who as you may remember played nearly all the guitar parts on our new record, and he calls his band Shirley Rolls. I've been trying to find a good picture of Shirley but have mostly failed, except for this:

I'm afraid that I didn't record Tom's performance on Saturday night, but should have--I am often bored by singer/songwriter types who strum away at acoustic guitars and mumble into the mic, but Tom is a superfine guitarist (he doesn't fingertap or anything, but he plays better than just about anyone I know) and although his vocals are sometimes reserved he can also sing loud and strong when he wants to. The crowd ate up his rendition in Spanish of a '60's Argentinian tune, whose name escapes me at the moment because I'm an idiot--Tom, if you're reading this, let me know what it was--but the highlight of his set was easily an acoustic rendition of his fabulous rawk song, I Got Nuthin'.

As far as I know, Tom is putting this song out on 7" 45 rpm vinyl very soon, and I'll keep you all posted when it does. He seems to also have a track on this compilation for Robots And Electric Brains magazine, and you can also hear more mp3's on the Shirley Rolls website. All the tracks are good but I definitely recommend listening to "Piss Pot."



At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

".. his rendition in Spanish of a '60's Argentinian tune, whose name escapes me at the moment "

Leo Dan - 'Como Te Extrano Mi Amor'




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