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Los Angeles-based garage punk band The Monolators formed in the fall of 2002. Drummer Mary Chartkoff and guitarist Mike Dennis were playing together in an unnamed (and slowly dissolving) living-room jam band when banjoist Eli Chartkoff met Mary at a bar. Now a spunky trio, they shuffled between names and instruments before playing their first show as the Monolators in September 2002, with Eli singing and playing bass guitar. Since then they’ve gigged constantly in the Silverlake club scene and released their debut EP, “Hi-Fi Sound,” and their full-length album, “Rejection Set Me Free.” Tracks from the EP & album made their way on to LA radio play lists, with airplay on KCRW’s Weekend Becomes Eclectic, Indie 103.1's Check 1-2-3, KXLU’s legendary Demolisten show and KPFK’s Nixon Tapes.

The Monolators have received the following gracious reviews:

“Rock and roll the way God intended”
- Warren Ellis (diepunyhumans.com)

“There’s nothing like a quirky song title to make a reviewer smile when listening to new releases, and The Monolators provide several such creatures on their amusing debut album, Rejection Set Me Free.”
- Delusions of Adequacy

“Like any self-respecting asshole, I hated my teenage years, but Rejection Set Me Free almost made me miss the warm beer, bonfires, and moronic 4:00 a.m. political discussions. Almost. ”
- Splendid E-zine

With melodic tunes, playful lyrics, a frantic stage presence, and general loudness, the Monolators present punk rock as it might be played by, say, Muppets. Eli’s songwriting draws on the ghost of Buddy Holly, the punk rock of New York’s Television and the UK’s Automatics, and the red-hot banjo troubadour Uncle Dave Macon; Mike’s guitar arrangements pull from the likes of the Clash, 1960’s surf rock, and the folk music of Phil Ochs; and Mary’s drumming recalls the child savants of the Langley Schools Music Project, her fondness for electronic music, and general spasms.

The Monolators released their first full-length album in September 2004 and have just finished recording their next single(to be pressed on vinyl): “Let’s Be Best Friends In Space.”

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