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These are some really nice letters and pics that people have sent us. Thanks guys!

The Ramones are in our hearts, but won't be seenagain, and unfortunately Paul Westerberg is still
drunk. However, tonight I saw a marriage of these favorites. The monolators bring an energy that's
missing to rock and roll, and here's the kicker, it's not faked, it's just how they are.

Somewhere along the line Eli learned to sing, no more finding the mic once in awhile, he now commands it. The monolators tore through their songs with reckless abandon, remember when that used to happen once in awhile onstage, it's not dead, I'm here to tell you.

Try to take your eyes off Eli for a minute, sure he commands your attention, though I doubt he knows it. Swaying, kicking, screaming, and sometimes pumping her fist in the air is the heart of the monolators-Mary VerPlank. Chicks can rock, she's proof. She's no Kenny Arnoff, but Kenny wouldn't translate well in this setting. Monolators go where Mary says they go, and
you better stay with her or you'll be lost. When this happens, don't worry, she'll pull you back in. Rock
and roll in it's truest form, is a greasy undefineable entity, you can't bottle what Mary brings to the

A jack in the box guitarist onstage would confuse the issue, so it's comforting to find their guitarist
simply into what he's doing, providing needed stability to the tunes, he can't settle the groove,
but it's in his trying that he brings success to the sound. The songs are there, imaginative, and quirky as hell, Hiatt or Westerberg would be taking notice. The show is there, and I wonder if they even know it. I'll bet they're oblivious, they might seem self conscious at times, yet mid-song the inhabitions are gone, I imagine they even forget we're there. But we were there, something like this should be witnessed by more, hopefully it will be.

Los Angeles

Karina and Maritza from Inglewood with Mary



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